How to Pick the Perfect Jewelry Gift for Her this Christmas


How to pick the perfect jewelry gift for her this Christmas

With the holiday season quickly approaching, now is the time to pick out the perfect timeless gift for your special someone. We are here to help! If you are looking for elegant, quality, designer jewelry -- you’re already on track to find the perfect gift.  

Now, it’s just time to pick out the right item. 

By perfect and timeless, we mean that show-stopping, jaw-dropping piece of jewelry that she didn’t know she needed, but has always needed. It’s no secret that every woman has a different taste in jewelry, which makes it just that much harder to go shopping. Luckily for you, it doesn’t have to be. Check out our step-by-step guide before you open up another Google tab or spend another hour at that store. 

Your First Step: Set Your Price Range

Setting your price range is going to help you determine where you want to look. You should establish this based on what you're comfortable spending and your relationship level. We all know when it comes to your special someone that a little splurging is always justified. By acknowledging what you are comfortable spending first, you’ll not only end up saving money but precious time too. 

Next Up: Who Are You Buying For

Here are a few easy questions to think about: What type of jewelry does she wear the most? Does she love statement pieces for special occasions or is she more of a simple, elegant woman? Does she love rings, or never wear them? What about earrings -- hoops or studs? You also have other options in choice: watches, timepieces, stackable bands, or bracelets.

Think about what your significant other often wears or talks about needing or loving as a good starting point. You can also check out our featured products at Philip Bortz Jewelers to find some inspiration by browsing a few of our favorite pieces. 

Deeper Meaning

Jewelry is a meaningful gift - whether it’s an occasion piece or an everyday piece. Each piece of jewelry is a story, a memory, even a bond. At Philip Bortz Jewelers, we have a little bit of everything for all of your needs this upcoming holiday season. Ranging from fashion rings to stackable bands and bracelets to watches and necklaces, we have it all.

We pride ourselves as certified diamond professionals with over 40 years of experience as appraisers to National Banks as well as Law Firms and trusted jewelry sellers in the Cincinnati region. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our inventory, custom jewelry, or finding the perfect gift!